Legendary Arts Interactive, LLC was born out of the absence of superhero merchandise. As the story goes…

In the distant past, in a land far far away, Founder & Creative Director, Michael had come upon his regular, yearly birthday. All he wanted for a gift to himself is a special t-shirt with his favorite superhero on it. But alas! There was no such merchandise to be found!

As you can imagine, this was very frustrating for him, as the character in mind was quite popular. It seemed unreasonable that he could search high and low, on the internet and abroad, but find nothing aside from an obscure trinket or two. Soon, that frustration boiled over into anger. The idea that he subscribe to a character and spent countless hours learning everything he could only to be left with a feeling of emptiness, just rubs the wrong way. No doubt, this same character gave many other boys and girls hope and aspiration to be…better.

So instead of allowing anger to consume him, he did what any good superhero would do, and from that moment forward, he would do just that. Michael would be… “better.”

Within a week Terrakai was born, and though only an image of the character was there, the impact of creating such a compelling design drove him to write the first 10,000 word rough draft of an origin story. Of which, Terrakai’s current origin story is still loosely based on today. The character Demitrius Michael Kane started out as a college-level PhotoShop CS3 project. Class members were meant to conceptualize an idea and present their work for a final grade at the end of the year. Michael scored high with the piece so, it is safe to say that Terrakai started helping Michael long before the faithful Birthday debacle.

Once the baseline for Terrakai was created, a long break happened. As a complete amateur, and a stranger to the art of writing, Michael had no idea where to take the character next. No structure or formality, not to mention no idea how to present the character to the world. More education was needed, but luckily he had lots and lots of friends in almost every creative field of note. As time went on, Terrakai’s world grew. More skill was acquired, more friends were made and more characters were created. This is how Legendary Arts came to be.


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